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Sebastian Vettel's Top 5 moments for Ferrari (so far)

With the news that Sebastian Vettel will be parting ways with Ferrari at the end of the 2020 season it seems all but likely that his reign in Maranello will mean no World Drivers Championship, something Sebastian was desperate to get his hands on and emulate his hero Michael Schumacher. While still a delayed season to come and more moments for Sebastian to shine once again in the prancing horse I will look back at the top 5 moments of Seb's time with Ferrari so far.

5. Singapore 2019 - Grazie Regazzi

There wasn't much to sing about for Sebastian in 2019. Outscored by his young team Charles Leclerc and coming off the back of some uncharacteristic mistakes such as Silverstone, Monza and the famous 5 second penalty given during his titanic battle with Hamilton in Canada.

However, there was one moment where Seb showed to the world of F1 just how good he is. After a wonderful lap in qualifying which was sure to have hims starting on pole, both Hamilton and his team mate Leclerc produced brilliance to push Seb back down to 3rd. Due to the searing heat and endless corners on the streets of Singapore the race was dominated by tyre conservation leading to lap times up to 15 seconds slower than the pole time.

With the field bunched up Sebastian struck, pitting early for tyres and setting quick lap times to overhaul his team mate into the net lead. With his rivals pitting and behind him, a safety car thrown in could have been his undoing but Sebastian held firm depsite protests from Leclerc. It was his first win in over a year since the Belgian GP back in 2018 and proved for one shining moment down in the streets of Singapore that Sebastian was King.

4. Australia 2017 - The Tables are Turning

The challenge had finally arrived. Sebastian starting 2nd on the grid, Sebastian pushed Hamilton through to the pit stop, with a rare piece of excellent Ferrari strategy proving the difference. Jumping Hamilton at the pit stop, Seb pulled away and pulled away considerably, ending up the eventual winner by over 10 seconds. It was a true champion drive, reminiscent of the Red Bull glory days and proved Mercedes had a fight

No one will argue that the Austrian GP in 2017 was a classic, but it represented so much more. After the high of 2015, the expectation and disappointment of 2016, here Ferrari were truly back, back to challenge and take on Mercedes to the bitter end.

3. Monaco 2017 - The King of Monaco

Ferrari's electric start to 2017 continued through to the jewel in the crown of the F1 calendar. Having finished no lower than 2nd coming into the race, Sebastian and Ferrari were eager to turn the screw on Mercedes and begin to pull away from the rivals and what better place to do it.

Pipped to pole by his team mate Kimi Raikkonen, Vettel produced a brilliant displayed of tyre management by over cutting the Finn and taking the lead from his team mate during the pit stop phase. Vettel then drove wonderfully to bring Ferrari a fantastic 1-2, and with Sebastian coming out of the race with a 25 point lead over his nearest rival Lewis Hamilton, the stage was set for a classic F1 season.

2. Silverstone 2018 - Ferrari, Mercedes, Ferrari, Mercedes

A Silverstone stunner. Finally we had Ferrari and Mercedes battling it out, blow for blow, gloves off and it was Seb who came out the victor in the red corner. The iconic image of the top 4 weaving through Becketts and Stowe has become F1 folklore, a tale with which the Silver Arrows seemed to finally have a challenger to their dominance.

With the race coming to its conclusion Vettel was stuck behind leader Bottas, agonisingly close to the overtake but unable to make the move stick. But on lap 47 Vettel pounced. A touch of oversteer from Bottas coming out of Arena and into the DRS zone meant Vettel lunged down the inside at Brooklands in a bold, confident move that proved to be the decisive blow in this wonderful battle.

Vettel came from Silverstone with the win and the championship lead. Hope was high, after the greatest of battles it was on next to the German GP and arguably the turning point for Vettel's time with the Scuderia. As they say, sometimes it's the hope that kills you.

1. Malaysia 2015 - Ferrari is back!

After a disastrous 2014 and with Alonso heading off to McLaren Ferrari needed that spark that would light the fire back in the hopes of F1 fans around the world. In comes Vettel who coming off the back of his legendary stint at Red Bull was looking to emulate his hero Michael Schumacher and pull Ferrari back from the brink just as the great German had done in 1996.

Given the context of where Ferrari was at the previous season, the dominance of Mercedes during 2014 as well as the hope that this win brought, it's arguably his finest moment for Ferrari and one that brings a little sadness on top of the inspiration it provided. It's a story of what could have been, what should have been but sadly will not be. For a moment here in Malaysia Ferrari fans began to believe once again, their time was now and we can only thanks Sebastian for it. Grazie Seb.

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