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Renault disqualified from Japanese GP

There has been disaster at Renault this evening as the FIA have decided to throw the team out of the Japanese GP after a protest brought by rivals Racing Point was upheld. The decision now means that the 9 vital points gained during the race, thanks to Daniel Ricciardo's 6th place finish and Nico Hulkenberg's 10th, has now been lost.

There was suspicions regarding the Renault's car and their alleged breach of the regulations relating to a ‘pre-set, automated brake bias system’. After Racing Point disputed the system the FIA instigated and the operation of the system could be seen via onboard camera footage, with the brake balance display on the Renault drivers’ steering wheels changing without driver input.

F1 rules state the driver must drive the car alone and unaided, and the stewards found that the system meant the drivers were saved from making a number of adjustments during a lap, even if it wasn’t a substitute for driver skills or reflexes.

With the decision to disqualify the Renault team it now changes the results from the race significantly. Daniel Kvyat now finishes 10th, Lance Stroll 9th, Sergio Perez 8th, Pierre Gasly 7th and Ferrari's Charles Leclerc 6th. Renault do have the right to appeal the decision

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