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Grosjean Out, Perez, Ocon In?

A developing rumour in the lead up to the German GP is that Racing Point's Sergio Perez or the Mercedes test driver of Esteban Ocon will replace Romain Grosjean of Haas. It is thought that Gene Haas and Gunter Steiner are seriously questioning whether the error-prone Grosjean can cut it in F1 anymore and are looking to take their chances on someone with potential to carry the team forward.

While unlikely to move this season, if Perez were to move it would come in 2020 but with the new regulations change in 2021, and Racing Point having better facilities it could be seen as a strange move for the Mexican. Perez is performing admirably in a car that is currently only quick enough to get a point or two but there is potential in the team thanks to the money pouring in from the Stroll family.

Mercedes may decide to let Ocon go as they are struggling to fit him into the current line up of Hamilton and Bottas who are performing wonders for the team. With Grosjean performing so poorly recently it is rumoured that the Frenchman may be replaced by his fellow countryman before the German GP. While again unlikely, Grosjean is in serious anger of losing his seat and if he remains in the team for the remainder of the season he must step up his game.

Haas are at a crossroads and it is perfectly reasonable to see 1 if not both of their drivers replaced coming into the 2020 season. While only rumours, trouble is brewing behind the scenes and it may become the perfect opportunity for Ocon to return to the grid.

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