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Ferrari use Karun Chandhok analysis as new evidence in failed "Right to Appeal"

After the controversial penalty given to Sebastian Vettel 2 weeks ago at the Canadian GP, Ferrari lodged a right to appeal on the basis that they had significant new evidence to present. The below press release has confirmed that this appeal has failed and no further action will be taken on the incident.

In a move that most would deem slightly unbelievable, Ferrari's new evidence included the Sky Pad analysis from Sky Sports analyst Karun Chandhok. While a fantastic contributor to the Sky Sports coverage, using his analysis in an official light and in the context of new evidence is misguided and will only draw further criticism toward the team.

In the build up to the presentation of evidence it was assumed that Ferrari had acquired or had found evidence that would significantly alter the perspective of the incident, and in presenting it, would change the opinion of the FIA.

The Sky Pad analysis from Chandhok was a informative piece but with limited data, camera angles and information it isn't enough hard data to shift opinion, and arguably contributes to the opinion that Ferrari management have been incompetant.

While debate still lingers regarding the incident between the two rivals, this new twist with only serve to put an embarrassing stamp on the saga.

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